Thursday, December 13, 2012

Honor for what killings-2

While immigrating to the West, these parents fail to see that when their offspring's are born , it would not be the same situation as in their native countries, they have to make sure what is good or bad instead of leaving it for the future time. Time and real guidance is the essence here. Now in their native countries, honor killings are rampant because of illiteracy, ignorance, sheer rage and jealously and also their own cultural upbringing. There although Honor killings are not actually celebrated but I believe that they are indeed tolerated and not for big things but trivial things, people start praising the perpetrator instead of the victim. Mostly the society blames the victim for that happened to them. I can just describe these societies as sick and deviant blaming everything on everybody else including their religion except themselves. If you don’t like something, why don’t you either leave them alone or at least explain to them what they are doing is wrong. Killing does not solve any problem in this case, but you can say that when a person is enraged, religion and reason is thrown out of the window and the only thing on their mind is to eliminate their victim without thinking about the consequences. These honor killings have become an epidemic all over the world and unless individual societies rise up to deter this, this will keep on happening and the perpetrators will keep on blaming the victim instead of their own fault.

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