Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are Republicans ready to compromise?

After getting defeated in the Presidential elections, the Republicans are in a quandary. They had hoped that with all the discontent with the current administration and their big government policy and their number one target Obama care, they thought that they would win by a landslide or at least win the majority of electoral college. But to their surprise, they lost by a heavy margin and have yet to accept four more years of democratic rule. They don’t have the require votes in the senate and the House even with there majority will not be able to overturn so called Obama care. So will now they be able to compromise on some core issues facing the nation as a national poll shows that people want to have a bipartisan supported government so that things should be moving along and try to solve the nation's problems amicably. But as I said above, the Republican have not yet to come to terms with this victory and they will try to fight on every bill whether they like or not. You can see a glimpse of it with the fight over the Libyan Attack on our Ambassador and their confirmation of the next Secretary of state. And there is the fiscal cliff that people are all talking about and the fears and apprehensions of the public and businesses alike. Expect more of the same for the next four years as Republicans dug in to fight every battle with the Democrats. I don’t see much compromise happening on the horizon on key critical issues facing us.

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