Thursday, December 20, 2012

A state's right to exist-2

Without security, you cannot work or go about your business every day. The fear of getting caught up in a crime paralyzes the whole society and no or slow economy activity happens. You can say that a failed state embodies their biggest symptom of being failing in its responsibility to provide a safe environment for its citizens to live and work. Although a failed state can have laws on its books but it is not implemented or implemented selectively and then the common person loses its faith in their state to provide justice if they become a victim to a crime. The victim will not seek to go the police since it has already decided that the state will not provide him/her justice. Thus for this person, a state does not exist anymore and the geographical boundaries that define a nation vanishes from their vision. For me, I believe that if the state fails to provide foremost the security to their citizens to live and work without fear of getting hurt or killed, then that has no right to exist in the first place no matter how hard it is trying. It is not the hard part but the intension of the state to provide security that has the greatest amount of effect on how the citizens perceive their states. If a state fails in this responsibility then the citizens have the right to demand that either the government resigns or they be allowed to go their separate ways because if you cannot provide people security then the state essentially does not exist.

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