Monday, December 17, 2012

We do not learn from history

By We means not only the United States but all human beings don’t learn much from history as time passes by and lessons become a distant memory for overwhelming majority of people. For the U.S. we have already finished one war (in Iraq) and trying to wind out the next one (Afghanistan) when we intervened in Libya and wants to inch towards another one (Syria) and are always on the brink of war drums for Iran. Despite all the peace efforts, we keep on going on entering one war and exiting another one without realizing the mistakes of getting in one in the first place. And it is not nations only but individuals, despite all the evidence stacked against them, we always want to do the same thing that we did in the past with disastrous results only to hope that the outcome this time will be different but it really is not. Although the cost of making the same mistakes again is enormous but we (meaning the Human beings) keep on doing it and not learning anything from history even if we know that the same mistakes have been done in the past. If we can at least the history with open mind and learn from it, we may not do the same mistakes again but human beings being arrogant and egotistical keeps on insisting that this time it will be better and then go ahead and do the same thing ago even after getting a warning that the same mistakes have been done in the past. This the so called greatest tragedy of Mankind that even knowing that we are wrong and have committed wrong before, not learn from history and cause their own destruction.

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