Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The employed and the entrepreneur

Now here is a comparison I want to do regarding how the employed and the entrepreneur differ in their approach to earn a living. Although this is not an exhaustive list and many will argue with my assumptions but after being in the employment business for almost twenty years and interest in entrepreneurship for the last five years, I can say for sure that I have come up with the tips that make a person cling to employment and the one daring to risk it all to go for the gold. Although there can be entrepreneurs who are part time employed or were first employed and then started on the path of entrepreneurship or vice versa, nobody has the monopoly on who can become one or the other. I have seen countless articles where they give the traits of an entrepreneur and you can extract from it why the other part is employed but it is entrepreneurship does not come naturally (although there has been a counter argument that it does come naturally). Sometimes you can say that when you have lost a job and can't get one, some of the people say goodbye to the search for a job and try to start on their own, they are still in the minority as many people after several years still cling to the hope of finding a decent paying job but still there are people who do go the entrepreneurship in times of unemployment. There are several advantages and disadvantages to both (which I will elaborate later) but I believe that once you have entered the path of entrepreneurship, you decidedly don’t want to come back to be under a boss (unless some extreme emergency makes you change your mind or circumstances).

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