Thursday, December 13, 2012

Honor for what killings

Although it has been happening for centuries, but due to awareness and many channels of communication, the Honor killings are coming to light more and more. Mostly it is afflicting the Muslim Population like a disease not only in their native countries but also to the countries where they have migrated too. Obviously the old generation can't bear to see their offspring go astray and in that it is partly their fault, since they are so hung up in earning a living that they don’t have the time to monitor their offspring's' lives and friends. And an issue like having a boyfriend, wearing western clothes or going to clubs come to then the old country's habits come to lives and in a rage they kill them not thing that it is not honor killing but plain and simple killing. These people don’t feel a little bit ashamed that killing their own kids will bring them more shame but they are stubborn in their attitude that they did the right thing and they never repent on their deeds. No Religion of this world advocates killing of another person just because you are uncomfortable with your kids' lives. In fact no killing is allowed of another human being in any religion and people blaming a certain religion for killing need to separate the religion and individual's behavior in their actions. I mean that the parents have given the time and energy to spend with their kids, this type of behavior never arises. But in their race to earn a living, they forget the most basic responsibility-the one towards the right upbringing of their kids.

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