Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When kids take over

When you become a parent, your lives are taken over by your kids literally. In the beginning, the babies come and you have to take care of them over yourselves and it is not bad since you enjoy it a lot but when they grow to a level where they are able to watch TV, that’s when the trouble really starts. I have been through a whole lot of shows not of my own age where I have to see it just because my kids enjoy it. And that is not the end; even the repeats are enjoyed by the kids. That part I am really unable to grasp that how come you can enjoy the same episode of a show again and again when you know what is going to come next.

I just guess it is part of having a family and that takes precedence for the rest of your lives. Just when you thought you have left your childhood behind, your babies remind you that it is far from truth and you go through the same ritual of watching shows again which you have seen it long time ago. Even after your kids get married, you are really not out of the woods since your grandkids will again come back to the same shows and you are back to square. It is fun sometimes but to watch the shows several times again and again and all day long literally gets to you. Not complaining but just narrating what I have seen and experienced.

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