Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Job Market (Again)

Again one of those surveys which gives you insight to the minds of jobless and not jobless people. A very high majority of employed people have said that they are willing to take a pay cut in order to keep a job and an overwhelming majority of unemployed people said that they are willing to take a pay cut in order to land a job. Although right now anything will do but in the long run, these same people will get hurt in terms of lower standard of living (which has already started) and fewer increases in their pay.

Even with all the news coming out that the economy is gaining momentum, but in the area of jobs it is not that situation. People are still finding it hard to find a job.

The long term unemployed are gaining in numbers and even the so called highly educated are finding it hard to find a job even if they are willing to take a pay cut. The main problem here is that the employers are finding it hard to find employees which are the exact match for what they are looking for. Since the employers have a larger pool of experienced candidates to choose from, they take their own sweet time to find the best employee. No employer has the time to teach an in experienced but College educated guy how to work in their companies. They just want a guy with experience and college degree. There is a huge mismatch between what the employers want and what the employees can provide them. It is very frustrating and scary thought that you may be the one who will be the long term employed (unless you start your own business).

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