Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Job fairs adventures:-4

Today I went to another of the Job fairs organized in a local hotel. As usual the long lines and wait outside the hotel is excruciating. Once you have been to one of the Job fairs, you have seen all. I keep on going to see if there will be difference to another one of them. Nope, the line outside was not bad as compared to what I saw inside. There were lines moving in a circular escalator. Since the longer the lines, the less time the recruiter is going to give you and sometimes they say that you have to go to their company’s website and apply there.

Most of the jobs advertised are those which you can find on any job website and you don’t really have to be physically there to deliver your resume. This is not a face to face interview but more like the people there are just middlemen collecting your resumes. It was even harder this time to find out which table belongs to which company unless you approach them very near since the long lines obscure your visuals.

Overall with my experience being in four job fairs in less than a month is that you can go to a job fair but just keep your expectations at home, since you won’t find any kind of specialized jobs there. It is far better for you to apply through an agency or just do a random search of companies and submit your resume there since the recruiters at the job fairs would not know you by face even if you meet them personally.

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