Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The toilet fees on Airlines

So a European airline has now decided to charge one Euro for using the toilet on their airlines with duration one hour or less. I can understand that it is capitalism and you can charge whatever you want to see if that market can bear but come on. I am also sure that they may have done a market research to find out if it was feasible to do. But what will be the limit to charging passengers. Maybe there will be an airline which will just give a flight with only the fuel costs and all the other things are extra. Let’s see what is the extra will be, maybe the window seat will be expensive or every time you ask for water will be another charge.

Magazines and newspapers will be rented out and if you need pillows and blankets extra for that (I believe this is already been done). Carry on luggage fees is being implemented; maybe there will be limit to how many times you can call your flight attendant. The airlines are coming with numerous ways to charge for every thing which was free a few years ago. Let’s see what happens next.

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