Monday, April 26, 2010

On the lighter Side:-Movies- Mothman

Although I don’t usually review the movies that the Syfy channel originally airs on Saturday night since they are usually standard time killing fares. But this particular movie got me thinking. It is about some friends who accidentally kill one of the guys’ younger brother and decide to keep quiet about it forever. But there is a curse that justice will prevail and a moth like creature kills the guilty ones.

One of the things of this movie is the rehash of the old tales about keeping quiet about your crimes. You are better off seeing “I know what you did last summer”. A time killing movie but don’t waste your time on it. Not recommended. But the really thing that got me thinking is that why do these horror movies show that the teenagers are dumb and stupid and they do things which should not be rational. For once they should show older folks making mistakes not when they are young but when they are old so that we can see some reality into these movies. Showing younger folks as dumb should not be the basis of the horror movies. Everybody makes mistakes and the horror movies should reflect this fact.

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