Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Well as you must be reading the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Is it because the recession has created so much job insecurity that people are going out on their own or is it the news media reporting more of it than ever before. I think both can be true and interconnected, since there is so much reporting about the miseries people are facing in getting a job that this going out alone on your own is the better option and thus it is being reported as part of being joblessness.

Every day I read in the newspapers and magazines that many young people are opening up shop, which has become easier due to the internet and also colleges and universities, are offering entrepreneurial courses in increasing numbers. Although I have seen many people looking for a job and I become curious about those people who have been employed for a long time and I wonder why don’t they go and try to open up shop. Maybe they have family obligations or they are afraid to jump into being their own boss or they think that the costs are too high or they have not enough education to pursue this route. Whatever the reason, if you don’t try you would never know if you have the right material or if you are lucky. Anyway everything is possible and every help is available out there to succeed if you willing to look and try hard and have an idea which you feel is great. So my suggestion is that everybody should try it once in their lifetime so that there are no regrets later on that had they tried it they could be somebody

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