Saturday, April 3, 2010

The coming age of air racial profiling

The President has just order a new set of rules to put into place for the safety of flights that come to the United States. Although it is too early to tell if it is just a simple case of profiling or not, but the changes will affect anybody who will fit the profile that the intelligence agencies have gathered based on a number of characteristics attributes like age, religion, ethic origin, origination of flights etc.

Although it will come to be also criticized by the some people but we don’t have any choice in this matter. It all started with 9/11 and now enhanced with the attempted Christmas day bombing. We are still in the process of refining our intelligence for the flight safety procedures and there will always be lapses but this is a one good step. You know unless we adopt the Israeli method of full fledged security clampdown, we will be vulnerable to terrorists’ threat and any kind of enhancement of security is done for our safety even if some people won’t believe it. Unless we live in utopia (whatever that means) where every thing is at peace, we would and should always be one step ahead of terrorists since they show no mercy.

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