Friday, April 16, 2010

My Job fairs adventures:-3

This is the third job fair that I have now gone too and it was conducted in my college.There was a long line of students recent and graduated with their business attire waiting for their turn to go inside. It was held in a Gym. The best thing about this fair is that you don’t have to stand outside in a long line waiting to go inside. All you need is a College ID. Anyway, the registration is done via your College ID, so no hassle here.

Once you go inside then you are on your own, every table is neatly stacked with company brochures and pamphlets and their representatives sitting or standing waiting for the prospective employees to approach them. You have been provided initially a list of companies and the positions they are hiring, so you can browse through it and go to only the one you feel is a good fit for your major. No need to waste time on approaching companies who are not to your liking. One thing I have noticed about the fairs so far is that once companies take your resumes (some do not) they always will refer you to their websites to post your resumes and apply for the jobs there. Although you see some recruiting managers there but I guess it was just their turn to man the post. So after attending three of the job fairs, I have come to the conclusions that you have to post your resumes on the company’s websites and apply for the specific position and have a contact of the person who will see your resume, otherwise your resume will be gone to abyss.

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