Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are human beings rational?

It has been said that the human beings mostly act rationally and in their best interests and that may be true most of the time but what to call this irrational action by an Arab diplomat to light up his shoes in mid air at a time of high anxiety because of the terrorists acts and the joke about it like it is silly.

Since 9/11, the security on the airlines and at airports have been becoming tighter and tighter and any joke or any kind of odd behavior is no longer tolerated. Don’t people get this simple thing in their head? I can’t tell you how many countless of times, people act irrationally and then after their head clears start to think that why did they act the way they did. Either I think that they are trying to test the patience of other folks or are really in other dimension (mentally) that they act irrationally. Anyway my point was that, you can’t judge a person by the way they look and you have to go deeper and be on your guard all the time and for the last time, people don’t act dumb or irrationally especially on the planes and in the airport areas otherwise there will be no mercy in these times.

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