Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mayhem in Ukraine

I was just flipping the channels today and what I saw on CNN was hilarious. There in the parliament of Ukraine, people were throwing eggs and smoke bombs on the members of parliament because they were protesting the renewal of the bases to the Russians. It was indeed chaotic when besides the eggs, there were fist fights as the nationalists who were opposed to the deal were rallying against the pro Russian government not to renew the bases deals as it infringes on the sovereignty of Ukraine. I have seen it at another time when the members of parliament in Taiwan were at each others throat fighting.

It would really be hilarious when the members of the U.S. congress come to blows over contentious issues like the health care bill and immigration reform and the like. Here we would like to be civilized and try to talk and discuss ourselves regarding a certain bill and we hold ourselves not to get the better of our emotions. Otherwise there have been many debates where a normal person will come to violence but just to compare our ways of doing business with those of other countries makes us stand a little proud.

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