Friday, April 30, 2010

Thirty Five years since Vietnam War Ended

Today 35 years ago on April 30, 1975, the last American forces left Vietnam after fighting a failed war against the communist insurgency there. Lots have changed since then like there is no draft in the Armed forces and the communism has failed and Vietnam is also a changed place. Vietnam has embraced capitalism to some extent and American companies are doing business and outsourcing their work from Vietnam. Vietnam is not harboring any ill feeling towards the United States, although long after the Vietnam war ended, we were still seeing movies based on the Vietnam War with some heroes and some reality also included.

Still the issue of Missing in Action and Prisoners of War has not died down, although everybody wants to movie on. Hopefully Iraq will also be the same ( I doubt it ). Although we lost almost 50,000 soldiers in Vietnam war and a few thousand in the Iraq War but the Iraq War has started to take a toll on the Psyche of the American Public. Hopefully we will end this war soon and not make the mistakes that we did in Vietnam like dragging it forever and leave the country not in haste but in orderly fashion.

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