Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving Up and Relocating

I am constantly reading about how the experts are saying that you should move to the place where the jobs are and employers also tend to like people who can relocate but it is not that easy as the experts seem to make it so. If you are single then it can be alright but even then if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend who is entrenched in their places or who have jobs then it can be very painful to move. But if you have a family then it can be doubly hard to move. You have kids who are in school with their friends and they may not want to move even if you try to make them understand (since they don’t understand anyway). You may have your family or in laws who are living nearby and you don’t want to lose their support in times of need.

I just believe that if you are really want to move, it should rather be a six figure job to compensate for all you will be leaving behind, otherwise you should try your luck locally and if don’t can start your own business (again with the support of your family and friends nearby).

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