Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sick of Passwords

This internet and our world have become full of passwords. Every time I have to access something, the first thing they ask is register and enter your password. I have so many websites to access that I really don’t care if I share my password with more than one site. Sometimes I have to access one site for a day or so and I will not create a unique password for that. I know here comes the experts saying that we should make our password strong and almost impenetrable so that nobody can breach it but come on now, do these experts access literally hundreds of websites and do they really create a unique password for each of them.

And how many unique passwords can you really create. The passwords are really made of the buttons on your keyboard and if somebody wants to access my password they can do it faster unless we create a keyboard (here is an idea) where we can incorporate all the worlds extremely different language alphabets and then create a unique password out of them. But even then one person will not create a unique password for each site that he is going to be registered or access. It is too much of a hassle to remember at what site you created your password. So layoff this password crap (only if you are accessing sensitive personal information is password necessary) since I have run out of combinations to remember in my head.

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