Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Job fairs adventures:-2

My second job fair was yesterday and boy what a nightmare. The line was at least two blocks long and it was the point I was standing at. Even when I left the fair, the line to enter was still quite long. All kinds of folks were in the line from the young to the very old. Even I saw some executive type which is a sad commentary on the state of joblessness in America today.

Standing in line for an hour is like standing in line at a theme park (except you enjoy at the time of your turn and you don’t have to wear a suit). Then you have to register and pass through security and then when you are there you see a lot of folks looking around and handing out their resumes. If you see a long line, it means that it is a popular and desirable recruiter but they have only two people to handle all the prospective employees and so you wait your turn and when it comes you can just drop your resume and talk a little bit since you have to go to the next one. My advice is to wrap up with the ones with small lines and then at the end tackle the big one. Another thing is that most of the employees have websites where you can go directly and input your resume. I don’t see any point in going to these job fairs where you will have less than a few minutes to describe who you are since they will say that you can post your resume on their websites or they are not currently advertising your type of desirable position.

I feel that the best recruitment job fair is the College job fair, which I will describe at the end of this week.

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