Friday, April 30, 2010

European Union?-2

So now we come to the biggest economy of Europe-Germany. It has the right to demand that Greeks do drastic cuts in its budget to get the loans from Germany. It is also true that the German people are also hostile to bail out the Greeks at this point. But to be fair, where is this European Union who should have been there in the first place. Why do they have to defer this to the IMF to take a lead and then they will think about putting their own two cents into it.

Even with all this talk about European Union and integrity, at the end of the day it just boils down to the nationalistic trends of the Europeans. They say why we should help the Greeks. Why can’t they say we should help another European Country? When it comes to money matters, Europe is still Europe, a continent of different ethnicities and language trying to stay together since they don’t have much choice going their separate ways, but when it comes to money matters, the European Monetary union is just a hollow slogan.

Even Turkey who is asking to join the European Union but which is opposed by most European since they are “ Islamic” and “ Poor” have a better economy than the so called “rich” Europeans of Portugal, Ireland and Greece. They should be allowed to enter Europe but I guess they will never be and they should concentrate on bettering their economy and stay out of Euro zone since they will not be able to get even the decent amount of loans from the other Europeans in terms of crises since they are “different”.

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