Wednesday, April 21, 2010

State budget crisis- The morning after

Like when you are drunk and you go to sleep then in the morning you wake and have a heavy head and a headache and start to grasp about the things you did the night before. The same is happening with the schools throughout the country. Schools budgets are being passed and property taxes are being raised and maybe pink slips are going out to teachers because the recession and overspending before has created the same sort of the hangover that a drunken person gets. When times were good nobody cared about how this will come to haunt them if they do not save for a rainy day. Well now it is just the beginning of that rainy day coupled with thunderstorms and lightning.

Towns and municipalities are coming to the reality that either they will have to cut their school budgets or increase property taxes too much. This is especially hurtful in this economy when the New Jersey state, always with the highest property taxes in the nation is going to send the property taxes even higher. This year the budget was saved by the bell of the Federal stimulus package to the states but what will happen next year is anybody’s guess. When the unemployment is already super high and people are losing their homes, increasing property taxes is the least acceptable way to go but then where else would the money come from if not from the people who own houses. This is the largest part of any town’s budget. I hate to say this but more action packed budgets are going to come to entertain us in the future.

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