Friday, September 5, 2014

What’s in a name?

Obviously it seems a lot since people invest a lot of time in choosing one's name whether it is their child or a business. But to be fair there are some parents who in the spur of the moment decide to name a kid without thinking about the consequences it can have on a child's life later on when he/she goes to school or college or interact on a daily basis with other human beings. I was also surprised to read that there are some countries even the advanced ones that have a list of names from which the prospective parents are not allowed to name their kids from. Same thing happens when you name your kids such a difficult or hard to spell or pronounce a name that the original meaning or pronunciation gets distorted or make fun of and that name calling by other members of public becomes the original. The same goes for when you have to name a business or a brand because you want people to attach themselves to that brand name. A wrong brand name or the one which does not reflect appropriately the attachment to what that product or the business is indulging in can have a very negative effect on the revenues of the business or even let the brand or business fail as the time and money spent on promoting that brand or business can go to waste. So it is really important that whatever you are trying to achieve initially in life think very hard and carefully before naming something or someone as it will have a positive or negative effect for generations to come.

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