Sunday, September 21, 2014

A balanced (somewhat) and unbiased (more or less) look at the Israel-Palestinian latest conflict

Now that the conflict between Hamas and the Israel has taken a breather, meaning an indefinite (?) ceasefire, we need to take stock of what has happened. This was going to blow up at one time but it started with the abduction of three Jewish teenagers who were supposedly hiking in some area of Israel and were subsequently found to be killed. Israel started to blame Hamas for the abduction and the killing of the teenagers which they denied initially (now they have admitted that they were indeed behind the abductions). But this admission came about after Israel had already bombarded Gaza strip where Hamas has been ruling for long time. I know that after a while it becomes frustrating to be rather confined to a small area of land which one side feels is like under occupation but why would you want to fight a nation when you know that they will come after you no matter what the cost. Why would Hamas destroy a perfect area where they have been ruling and where they have supposedly (I have not seen it that is why I am writing supposedly here) tunnels where they smuggle goods to their areas and earn handsome amount of revenue to feed their people. Whatever or whoever prompted them to take this risk has taken the lives of thousands of Palestinians and destroy whatever little infrastructure they have built during their so called “peacetime” activity. I rarely saw any Palestinian support from the west bank side of the Palestinian government and it seems that they were going about their daily lives.

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