Sunday, September 21, 2014

A balanced (somewhat) and unbiased (more or less) look at the Israel-Palestinian latest conflict-3

Now after wide scale destruction and thousands of Palestinian dead or injured, where does it all leave Hamas. I mean did Hamas achieve anything. Depending on who you are asking, the answer goes either way. But from my perspective lost a great deal but also may have realized that they are on their own when it comes to the struggle of the Palestinian people and any outside Muslim support is wishful thinking. They are theoretically independent but practically they are still under the Israeli occupation and they may have realized that the countries they thought could depend upon is worried about their own survival and does not want to waste their soldiers on a fight they could not win. Now Hamas will have to devise a new strategy of how to rebuild and start anew and build new alliances because the old ones have been worn out and discarded. Now it would be unfair only to blame one party to the conflict and not the other one Although allegedly it started with the kidnapping of the three teenagers as mentioned earlier but the response of Israel was at best too overwhelming. While it is true that Hamas kept on sending rockets into Israel, it is also a fact that Hamas was no match for the far superior fire power of the Israeli military and they suffered disproportionately also. Given the fact that Israel suffered casualties in the low two figures digits as compared to Hamas four digits, it really did seems that Israel was out to finish Hamas once and for all.

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