Sunday, September 21, 2014

Discrimination in jobs

I was reading through a news piece regarding some guy who had a hard time finding job even while sending out the resumes but one day he decided to take one word out of his first name and just become an Americanized name and he started to get lots of job offers. Even in this day and age, employers’ still judge people by their names really disgusted me. I can understand the mentally behind “birds of a feather flock together” but we are all Americans here and we don’t need to be labeled by our race or nationality to be assimilated into the work force. Every individual is unique and may have their work ethics. There is no correlation between a race and how they will work in the future. There can be equally lazy white people and lazy colored people and you cannot judge someone especially immigrants that they will not be productive in the work force just by their name. Nowadays when people are sending resume through the internet I guess it is more easily to reject somebody outright based on their names and even where they have had experience. But to outright dismiss someone who does not have an Anglo-Saxon sounding name just because they may not have the same work ethics or cultural straits is outright ignorance and stupidity. I had been reading this a long time but I thought that it does not happen that much as employers are smarter than that but with more research coming out regarding this, I am starting to suspect that it may be the case for me too. But it is really a shame that just because somebody is an immigrant, he/she may not have the opportunity to show their work ethics and skills just because some employer thinks that they are less productive and reliable than a so called American sounding name person would be.

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