Friday, September 19, 2014

The rise of the selfies

There is a new phenomenon going around and it is called selfie. Literally meaning taking pictures or images of yourselves. This is risen due to the cell phone revolution where every cell phone comes with a camera and people who want to capture every moment of themselves, try to take pictures by one hand even if nobody is there to take their perfect picture. Selfies does not have been professionally taken (although some are stunning enough that you start to doubt if they are really selfies). I don’t know why but I may have taken only one or two selfies. I am loathing taking one but maybe it can change in the future. For now I am on a self imposed ban on selfies. For now I enjoy (?) indulging in watching other people's selfies and some are really way out there. If you are on social media, you will come across tons of selfies, some very good and some not very flattering to take. Some of the selfies are so gross and vulgar that I wonder if people are sober when they take it and put it on social media as it come back to haunt them in relation to job, marriage and other judgment matters. But it is fun to watch these selfies and learn lessons from them of what to take and when to take one selfie. But not all selfies are bad as you can take your selfie on the backdrop of some scenery which can be a memory later on in life to share with your kids and grandkids. Overall I am not against selfies if done tastefully and if used for memories usually the good ones but even if you have done a bad self, please don’t upload it on social media as it will remain there forever and it can go either way in your favor.

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