Sunday, September 28, 2014

Now back to Iraq

This article was long time coming but I got involved in other matters as was the rest of the world involved in the Ukraine crisis, so it was no surprise that the U.S. and other countries kept making Iraq go back to slide while the U.S. was worried about the draw down from Afghanistan and also about Ukraine. And then there was the brief Palestinian or specifically shall I say the Hamas-Israeli conflict that got the world distracted. But Middle East has come to haunt the U.S. again and the headlines are back again focused on Iraq from where it should not have been taken off. I know that I wrote before that the U.S. should withdraw its forces from Afghanistan and Iraq but as a human being I did not see it coming that Middle east is still the most dangerous place in the world and only the U.S. has the power to take care of the situation there somewhat. Now everybody from the opposition to the supporter is blaming someone for messing up the situation in Iraq. There are plenty of voices suggesting that the U.S. messed up by not remaining in Iraq for a few more years and it was their haste that has led to this situation. And what is this situation, it is the rise of the terrorist organization ISIS (or ISIL or IS or DAESH or any other of the names given to this organization). As the situation in Iraq, I will be writing many more articles about the situation in Iraq and also it’s relation to the situation in Syria.

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