Sunday, September 28, 2014

Running for your lives

As you know the world is full of refugees mostly running for their lives from wars in their countries or persecution by the majority or economic refugees, but mostly they are just human beings running for a safe and peaceful lives in economically and politically stable countries of the world mostly rich western countries but nowadays any country where their lives are safe. Out of these millions of refugees mostly are Muslims running away mostly from Muslim countries where they don’t consider themselves safe or the circumstances are such that they are unable to earn an honest livelihood. This thing really intrigues me that these Muslims despite living in Muslim lands want to make a better life for themselves in areas where their lives are stable and they feel safe and usually they choose western countries where their culture and religion is entirely different. They risk their lives and their fortune to come to strange lands where they know that they will not be welcome but they still decide to escape their homes. It is intriguing that surveys after surveys in Muslims countries tend to support the imposition of the Islamic laws in their countries but they still want to go towards the west to an alien culture and live under non Islamic laws. There is then a wide disconnect between what the surveys says and what the public really wants. Maybe they want is to just like the west with human rights, freedom of religion and practice and free to earn their living and justice for all. This shows that I guess in the end, all human beings are the same and want the same for themselves and their families and whether they want to live in the west or their own countries. Nobody wants to leave their homes and friends and families and venture to foreign lands but the lure of better and peaceful lives is so overwhelming that the refugees risk it all to gain access to it.

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