Sunday, September 21, 2014

A balanced (somewhat) and unbiased (more or less) look at the Israel-Palestinian latest conflict-2

Am I being too harsh on Palestinians (Hamas). You bet I am, I am using Hamas instead of Palestinian because the other side of political divided government the west bank has another government who are opposed to Hamas and the conflict was not with them. But here again, Hamas knows that it cannot fight militarily with Israel (unless it has some miraculous help which is lacking) but they still choose to fight to end the blockade of their territories by Israel, but in the process Hamas was not expecting this kind of massive Israeli response because they thought erroneously that Israel will not defy the world opinion and kill so many Palestinians. But they were wrong and despite massive demonstrations in support of Palestinians overwhelmingly in western countries, Israel did not stop the bombardment until massive amount of loss and the futility of the fight dawned on both the parties. Hamas thought that by taking on Israel, they will be able to count on the support of the Muslims around the world and especially the Arabs, but they were wrong. They had already lost the support of the Egyptian government whose previous leader was sympathetic to their cause but with the change in government and other world realities no Arab nation despite massive wealth came to their rescue and even some wealthy Arab nations secretly or not so secretly cheered the destruction of Hamas from afar. There were few condemnations but that was about it. No material support was provided and even some people condemned Hamas for their refusal to accept several peace offers put on the table.

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