Friday, September 26, 2014

Does Marriage need love?

Now this topic will be controversial and if people are reading it will not agree with me hundred percent or even one percent. Some may oppose it entirely but nobody will agree with this article. I was listening to a radio station and a girl was saying that I don’t love you anymore and that was the end of their marriage. Although I understand that you need love in order to stay in marriage but when you have kids or planning to have one, does not that love supersedes the love two people have for each other. I mean you fall in love and then you procreate in order to start a family and then something happens along the way like some falling out due to some mistake from either side, which may sow some seed of distrust and hatred but due to just separate because your needs are not being met while the kids that you have can go to hell for all you care. When you have kids, you have to think first about them and even if you have ups and downs in your marriage life and you feel like you are not in love with your partner, you should think about your kids whom you have moral, social responsibility to take care of and love. Even if you don’t have a child, marriage can survive without love as the marriage institution is not just about love but compromises and respect for each other. It is time that we should stop saying that I don’t love you and the marriage is over because you can discover love in many ways than just saying I love you.

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