Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scotland’s referendum on Independence-2

Although the referendum is now done and the pro independence movement has been defeated but I am afraid it is not the end of it and as everybody will be analyzing what really happened. It has also inspired other areas where the separatist movement are going on to press for a vote especially in Kashmir in Spain, Italy, Belgium and other places where the ethnic people are being discriminated and people want to have their own area based on their ethnicity. And you can see that even after three hundred years of marriage between Scotland and the U.K., the ethnic identity has been so strong that the idea of being independent takes over the idea of being joined in a union. Although I believe that if one ethnicity is feeling that it is being discriminated against in all aspects of life, it is better to secede than to stay in a forced union. Now it will be test of the United Kingdom to deliver on the promises that it has made to Scottish people in order not to secede with them. If the promises are not fulfilled or partially fulfilled, you never know that in the future another referendum will be done that will not be that favorable to the union. And the separatists who worked hard to get this far will have to worked even harder and tell their supporters and skeptics why they can be viable without remaining in a union and how are they going to run a country which can be utopia on paper but can be hard run without much planning.

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