Sunday, September 28, 2014

Learning to swim

If you have been reading my posts, I may have casually mentioned that I don’t know how to swim but I surely have almost drowned twice to make a stubborn person. Even when my whole family knows how to swim, I am the last person to not know how to swim. I still go to the pool but stay on the three to four feet of water and just stay there while watching other people including my family and small kids enjoy swimming. Most of the vacation trips that we undertake annually involves some sort of water, even when we are in a hotel we make sure that we have to option to have a pool in it so that if by any chance we do take a trip to see things we at least have a pool to come back and relax for a little while. That is how much we enjoy swimming. With this thing always in the back of my mind, I just decided that if I want to enjoy the water parks and pools I need to at least learn to swim even at the beginning level so that I can at least float or even swim in more than five feet of water. I have now started taking beginning swimming lessons at my local YMCA (now just called Y®) and although it has been a rough start but I am getting used to the idea of floating and holding my breath longer than usual in the water. At the end of the program I guess I will need more lessons but I will let you know my progress by that time.

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