Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recent Floods in Pakistan and India

If you have been following international news, you may have comes across the news about the devastating floods that are hitting Pakistan and India lately. Millions of acres of fertile land and countless people have become homeless due to these monsoon floods that have become a regular feature for the last few years. And yet despite the frequency of these floods, very little effort is being taken to take at least precautionary measures. If you have seen floods in Europe, the U.S. and other advance countries you may have noticed that in the face of relentless downpours, even advanced countries infrastructure cannot cope with it what to talk about the ones in poor countries like Pakistan and India. But at least the rich countries can cope with these disasters by the sheer amount of money and by the existing infrastructure which is in time able to handle these disasters. As I said before even floods will have a devastating effect on advanced countries but particularly the poor countries are very vulnerable to these floods. As global warming (or whatever you want to call it) increase, these weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable but the poor countries already short of funds are bent on having a reactionary attitudes towards it and are slow to respond. They are more inclined to be in a survival mode than be preventive and as these floods become more frequent in the future, more devastation will be done to poor countries infrastructure and people and more misery will fall upon these countries unless these countries take preventive flooding measures seriously and educate their citizens and improve their responses to this yearly occurrences.

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