Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scotland’s referendum on Independence

On September 18, 2014 Scots went to the polls to decide whether they want to become an independent country or remain part of the United Kingdom (U.K). The result came the next day and it was decidedly No to independence, roughly along 55-45 percent line. It was a sigh of relief not only for the U. K. but also for the European Union and the U.S. The stakes were very high from the start as it would have been catastrophic not only for the U.K. but also for other European countries where there is demand for independence like in Spain, Italy and Belgium. Although saner heads prevailed and the go it alone attitude was defeated but at the cost of more devolution of powers to not only Scotland but also to Wales and Ireland. Although I was on the side of the Scots to become independent but deep down I believe in unity is strength and to be realistic it would be a grave mistake for Scotland to become an independent country. Now that the Scots have rejected to become independent, a collective sigh of relieve in the world financial markets and important world capital have taken place. But in Scotland the pro independent lobby feel at a loss of what have happened after so much campaigning. One thing is for sure that democracy has won even if it produces dangers in one of the most important country of the world. Based on the referendum, people in other countries where the independent movement was brewing may have been disappointed by the outcome of the vote.

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