Sunday, September 28, 2014

Indian Mission to Mars

From a poor nation (still relatively poor), India has risen to the number one status in space exploration in Asia by beating such heavy weight nations as China and Japan to successfully reach the Mars orbit. And this is also a feat that it reportedly did with USD 74 million as compared to hundreds of millions for the U.S. Mars space program. And although as I said India is relatively poor as hundreds of millions of Indians live in poverty but despite all this it was able to achieve this feat without much outside help. It is a matter of great pride for the Indians to be able to the number one nation in Asia and have joined the elite club of highly advanced countries who were and are able to send space missions to Mars. This highly successful mission will make India strive to achieve more in space exploration as their ambitious program also includes landing an Indian on the Moon in the next decade or so. Right now I can only say that it is my heartiest congratulations to all the people involved in the Indian Space program and also to all the Indians living in India and abroad that this marvelous achievement has been accomplished. I hope to see more space achievement from India in the future as it is not only a pride for the Indians but also for mankind.

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