Sunday, September 21, 2014

Is it ever right to spank your child?

Although it has long been a dormant debate regarding spanking a child, but lately a number of players have been accused of spanking their child and they have been vehemently defending this practice as being disciplinary to their child and they are saying that they are teaching them right thing from wrong. And most of these accused of spanking their child are defending it by also saying that they were disciplined like that with their own parents and they turned out all right. Public debate are now raging with spanking and anti spanking camps going back and forth with their defense or against this practice. There have been also studies that suggest that spanking a child can damage their personality and make them not do well in school and also later in their lives. I am not going to comment on these studies as it is a generalization and not based on individual experiences. My opinion is that a child should never be spanked, there are other ways to discipline a child like taking their favorite thing away but spanking would not do anything as it will create fear and resentment. And if you experiment, you can do a lot by way of love than fear. I have never spanked my child and was not spanked although disciplined in a cool and calm way that I should learn what is right from wrong but that you can do that later in life not like three or four or even nine or ten years of age. Spanking should be against the law but that does not mean that a child should not be disciplined but on the contrary other means of non violence attitude towards a child’s discipline should be used, you will be surprised that how much it will be easier on the child and your own conscience.

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