Friday, February 10, 2012

Sometimes, Sorry does not cut it.

You the best word besides Thank you and excuse me is Sorry. People say sorry all the time because it shuts up the affected party and nothing goes out of the pocket of the perpetrator. Sometimes it is an honest mistake or an unintentional accident that is summed up in the Word Sorry. But even if it is not an honest mistake or a deliberate accident, people still want to avoid the consequences of their actions and try to pass off the event by saying Sorry. This word Sorry is the consequences of us being human and we all make mistakes and blunders and the like. But what if the word sorry is used when you can't take back the resultant action. Like I was reading in the newspaper about a girl who said sorry to the intended victim family whom she has killed and I said what kind of sorry is that when all is said and done in this case taking life of another person.

Taking life of another person is already a very horrendous act and then saying sorry while trying to show remorse according to me does not cut since the perpetrator wants to get a lenient sentence. Even if the person is truly remorseful about the action, just saying sorry would not cut it with the victim's family since it is already too late for the victim and their family. I believe that the use of the word Sorry should be curbed to the extent of minor infractions between human beings and not killings and other deadly matter

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