Friday, February 17, 2012

The day that is Valentine

The Valentine which was confined to western countries have now spread to so called Muslim countries where the love birds shower each other with flowers and confectionaries. Even in Islamic insurgent hit Pakistan, where Taliban are an ever growing presence, flower shops do a flourishing business and run out of flowers on that day. Although the Islamic Clerics have tried to ban or derail this holiday as being ''Un-Islamic'', the young people mesmerized by the advertising for the Valentine's day festivities just go ahead and celebrate it anyway. Thus in the Western World like the rest of the world have embraced this Holiday and made it really commercialized in terms of the flowers and candies and other gifts being showered on their usually spouses, partners, girl/boy friends etc.

The same thing happens in a flower shop, a dozen roses in normal days will cost you maybe 16 dollars but come Valentine day (and also Mother's day), the rate jumps to triple or four times that amount if you are able to find roses in a decent flower shop. And the flowers have to be bought at the same day or the flowers would not be fresh. You can order it ahead of the day but the flowers have to come on the same day, not a day late or a day before otherwise you know that you will get hell for the rest of the year from your loved one. My point here is that with the rise of the internet, many western holidays are also being celebrated around the world despite threats of violence and intimidation and the commercialization of these holidays go with it.

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