Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exercise without a Gym

There are so many ways that you can do exercise and burn those calories without spending a dime and going to a gym since quite a few of us start out with a gym membership and then become lazy or busy enough not to go and keep on paying them without using their facilities. It is not a hidden fact that there can be number of exercises indoor and outdoor that you can do and built muscles without resorting to expensive equipment or driving to a gym. The best and the cheapest one and the one that everybody is to walk. You walk to your work, into your house, even from one bedroom to another and to the bathroom and kitchen and the living area. Indoor you walk your stairs if you have one and outdoors you can just walk around your house (if you have a big enough house) or just around the block of your house to get good exercise.

If you want a rigorous exercise you can either bike or just climb stairs up and down six or seven times each day (stairs being ten or more steps), even slow running around the house is enough to give you exercise. Playing with your pets or kids can be another exercise without a gym and so is mowing a lawn which is a really good exercise during the summer and spring seasons. Cleaning snow can be a good exercise but I would caution here it is very strenuous and not everybody can do this and even a young person can perspire doing it.

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