Friday, February 10, 2012

The horror movie called Unemployment.

Many people (including me) become excited or crave to watch and horror movie and sometimes want to get the scare of their lives. But in reality the biggest horror movie that can and should be made should be about unemployment. It is scarier to become unemployed then just watching some gore or horror flick. I have been through counting now three periods of unemployment and it is a real life horror that you don’t know from where you are going to pay your bills or put food on the table. This can really make you upset, give your stomach aches and makes your stay awake at night and even if you are not the begging type. You really feel desperate to get any job by begging or just saying I will do anything to earn a living.

The psychological tool is another tool that can affect not only you but if you have family then it extends to them. The whole entire behavior that you exhibit when you have a job is suddenly replaced by annoyance, irritation, anger, frustration and general unhappiness over the way the world is treating you despite the fact that you have played by the rules of the society all your life. Even if you work around the house and try to be active about household chores, you don’t feel productive enough and try to avoid the conversation of your job search with your loved ones. Overall the effect that unemployment takes upon you is the worst horror movie that you can ever see and it is not pretty.

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