Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ground realities of manufacturing jobs-2

Even if the Manufacturing jobs come back out of magic, it won't pay as much as the younger generation wants in order to enjoy the same standard of living as their parents had. The unions which used to demand X amount of money and usually got it does not have the same power of persuasion in the face of global competition. Most of the stuff that we see in a dollar store would hardly be made in the U.S. and even if they do it will cost enough money to be priced out of the dollar store category. Now anybody who has good education wants to a doctor or engineer or has an MBA and very few people want to toil in the manufacturing field which is labor intensive in some ways and is not in some other ways. Now in order to survive in a globally competitive economy, automation has taken hold of manufacturing jobs and a job which needs three or more people can be done or supervised by one person more efficiently.

Instead of showing reality to potential voters, the politicians are try to sugar coat the manufacturing jobs to say that it will give people jobs without the necessary education needed. Even manufacturing jobs have become too complex to learn very fast and you need a certain amount of experience and education to operate equipment. The best way to a middle class job now is to have a good education and at least a bachelor's degree in a useful and needful industry instead of ranting about the illusionary high paying manufacturing jobs without the necessary tools like higher education

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