Monday, February 13, 2012

The absolutely, Necessary and essential No. 1 resolution of New Year

At the start of every New Year, people make lots of resolutions and try to stick with it initially but as the year progresses, other unexpected priorities take hold over their resolutions and you even forget that you did resolutions. The top of the list is most of the time to lose weight and then comes to reduce debt. But I believe that the top of the list should be debt reduction or debt free life. But I believe that if you have debt the worrying over how you will pay for it without incurring more debt leads to your weight loss. Financial worries can really take a toll over ones health physically and mentally. Even if you have job which pays your bills and have benefits you need to have a backup or supplemental income like on the weekends or even on weeknights so that you are financially secure.

This should always be your number one New Year resolution every year to pay down your debt or be live debt free. And too much relying on one source of income when there is no such thing as job security is really courting disaster in terms of your physical and financial health. Taking care of debt means taking control of life and that is one less thing to worry about in life.

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