Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The deadly mix of drugs and alcohol

I just don’t get it, why people have to abuse both prescription drugs and alcohol at the same time. I mean if you are taking prescription drugs isn't that enough to keep your body good and then you increase the dosage without recommendation from the doctor and on top of that you have to mix it with alcohol. Never a good idea in this situation. But despite all the information on the label of the drugs and repeated information in the media regarding the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol, people keep on doing it and then some of them die too and then the aha moment comes out. Instead of taking care of the body, people tend to abuse it with all manners of drugs so that they can get high. Well the body can only take so much and in the end it just gives itself away.

Despite high profile deaths and dangers, people still keep on pushing the limits on how much their body can take the abuse. Just to let you know that it is not that the drugs are strong and addictive but it is us who is weak enough that let the drugs take control of our lives. There are some people who want to hold themselves hostages to the inanimate items called drugs and then blame it for ruining their lives without being strong enough internally to resist it. Anyway with a little bit of education and will power, a person can resist the temptation to mix drugs and alcohol and lead a normal life.

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