Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mysteries of the Universe-2

We have only reached moon and sending robots to Mars to explore its climate. Another we have sent out space ships to see what we can find. The Space is definitely one of the mysteries which will not get resolved forever, since it is so vast and complicated and human beings need oxygen to survive and some of the planets may not be habitable for any kind of life least of all humans. Then we are contacting if somebody is out there like us or more intelligent than us or even different creatures which our imagination has not made a shape out of it. You don’t even have to go that far enough to find the greatest mystery of all, our own body and what is our purpose here on earth.

Another thing how do the animal communicate and what happens when we die is the mystery never to be revealed. What happens to the soul when it leaves the body, and what happens when you buried a dead person? Does a person really see a light when they die and is there a really pearly gate when and if we reach heaven? How come each person has a unique DNA, finger print, even twins have different DNA and finger prints. There are so many mysteries out there that we would never know the solution to any of them even if we try our best. We are still trying to conquer diseases let alone live disease free. According to me we are really helpless when it comes to discovering what has happened before us and what will happen in the future. So we keep on pondering these Mysteries like a helpless child.

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