Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do we always have to be a perpetual state of war?-2

Then when the cold war ended in 1988 we went into the First Iraq war and then started to enforce the no fly zone on Iraq. We were still not done with as the events of 9/11 forced us to fight back and attack Afghanistan to get rid of the Al-Qaeda threat and then we wanted to teach Saddam a lesson so we invaded Iraq and are still not done with Afghanistan that we helped the Libyan rebels fight of Qadhafi forces and take over the country. In the meanwhile we are still trying to sort out the heads and tails of the Syrian crisis whether to arm the rebels or just sit this one out ( I doubt we can do that) and then there is the bigger noise over Iranian nuclear crisis.

Do we or do the Israelis stop the Iranian threat. Why do we keep on being in a perpetual state of war when the world has gotten more dangerous than ever? In the past like fifteen twenty years we could have afforded the wars without getting into too much debt but now it is really absurd even to think about one. We simply don’t have the money and as you can see by all the headlines our budget deficit has already hit a trillion dollars for the last four years in addition to the more than 15 trillion dollars in national debt not counting the unfunded liabilities like pensions, social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Can't we just stop being the policeman of the world and take care of our own problems before venturing out to solve other people. We will really have to get rid of the martial mentality if we want to remain an economic superpower and not only military one.

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