Friday, February 10, 2012

The Anti-Piracy Act showdown

The big showdown between the internet companies and intellectual property rights industry (including Film and movies studio) came out to be winner for the internet companies. They campaigned that the two bills would be very big in censorship and will make the U.S. the laughing stock of totalitarian regimes who work on the same premise. I believe that if the existing laws are enforced rigorously there would not be any need for an additional piece of legislation trying to do the same. Piracy is bad for everybody including the intellectual property rights holders, the U.S. workers and sometime internet companies themselves. But so is excessive profit which encourages the piracy in the first place. If the contents are made available in cheaper form , I don’t believe that people would then like to buy pirated stuff else.

But this thing has not quite got down well with the rights holders who are still grappling to come to terms with the emerging technology. They are still relying on old tactics without decreasing profits or finding new ways to profit from the technology where I believe they can make more money if only the content is reasonably priced. Other thing is that the right holders have failed to inform the public the harm it does to U.S. workers. This is quite surprising since they are in the business of marketing their stuff to the public but have not yet convinced clearly to the consumers that it is in their interest to use legitimate stuff. Hollywood is still seen as a greedy place with outsized salaries and high priced tickets and if anything they public is more understanding if the problem is presented to them in clear cut way rather than the same old tactics of using their lobbying power to ramp in through a legislation which will not stop piracy in any significant way.

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