Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mysteries of the Universe

Come to think of it with all the advancement a human being has achieved and some calling the space the final frontier of mankind, it is strange that we keep on discovering new species of animals around the world. It just shows that we have not yet explored the whole of the earth. We have not found out what is in the depth of the deepest oceans and only now one Russian ship has discovered the biggest ice lake somewhere around the world. We have not yet explored what is beneath the big glaciers of the arctic and Antarctica. We don’t know what the mighty Himalayas and other mountain ranges hold inside them. We have not yet explored what lies beneath the deserts of Asia, Africa, and Australia.

The snow bound areas of Alaska, Canada and Russia have not been explored at all. we are still scratching our heads of how to predict earth quakes and how to lessen the damage. Then after we have explored our earth (which will remain a mystery forever I guess), we can start looking towards the sky for the next exploration and we don’t know what is really out there. Every few months we hear about a star or a moon or a galaxy nearby being discovered. By nearby I mean like two to three million Light years ( a light year is equal to distance that light travels in a year at about 6 trillion miles). Then we keep on hearing that we may have 100 billion galaxies out there with 100 billion stars in each galaxy.

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