Friday, February 10, 2012

The Electronics that was Japanese

What has happened to the Japanese Innovation? They just announced that their big three electronic companies will collectively loose more than 16 Billion this year. Granted with the Tsunami and the strong yen against Dollars can be one of the contributing factor but even their premier electronic company has not had a hit in many years and is bleeding cash. I mean the most popular electronic innovation in recent years have all been American like the IPOD® IPAD® and IPhone ®. What has happened to the Japanese famous innovation machine is a mystery but not that it can't be solved. The Japanese have lost their way on the way to the top. Their car industries are really great but most of their production has moved overseas because it is so much expensive to produce something in Japan right now.

Like the Greece tragedy, a whole book can be written on what has gone wrong with the much inspired Japanese innovation and export machine which is being weighted down by aging population and stagnant economy for the last ten or so years. But right now the electronics is the issue. I remember the time that I first got my Walkman® from my Dad and it was a new innovation. No longer had we had to bring a huge tape recorder with us and torture other people with loud noise. Now you could have listened to music without disturbing other people. But those innovative days are gone and now the king of Electronics and trendy stuff is Apple ® and I am afraid with the economic situation and high wages in Japan that may well be the case for the near future.

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