Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The coming Defense cuts

Before I can say Cut, the defense cuts are coming and every representative is trying to save bases and jobs where the cuts will hit the hardest. Already the Republicans are crying foul and saying that it will hurt the Nation's security and our global commitments. But are we going to be the big Daddy with everybody riding on our coattails and enjoying the benefits of U.S. protection while contributing less money to the collective defense of Europe, Asia and other global hot spots. I don’t think the Republicans and their allies relies how much deep financial trouble we are in and we don’t have the luxury (read: Money) to pay for all the defense projects. We are right now going in the right direction will cutting military spending while emphasizing small elite troops who can go and get the job done and not commit hundreds of thousands of troops for which we don’t have the means to support another war.

By war we mean attacking Iran in case it comes to that, since Iran is three times larger than Iraq and mostly Homogeneous meaning that the attack would not be welcome the populace nor the international community. We should realize that we can be a global power without spending more than half a trillion dollars on defense defending other countries who are equally capable of defending themselves without our help and it is time that our military might should reflect the new financial reality that we are in now. Defense cuts should be prudent in order for us to reduce our debt and our regular budget deficit which is hitting one trillion dollars fourth year in a row.

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